Design and manufacturing workshop

About Us

Designing and manufacturing workshop ABADOC was created as a result of our interests concerning wood and design.

zbigOur aim is to discover original forms and objects that have not been created before, although they are present somewhere in space. Our inspiration is drawn from natural forms, which we strive to emphasize in our projects. The equal use of traditional and modern processing techniques, which are combined with long experience, give us an appropriate result.

We are open to new solutions and lay emphasis on innovation. Not only do we want our products to be an interesting part of space but also to meet all the customers’ requirements. That’s why we focus on the universality of our products and the simplicity of use. We are distinguished by an ecological approach to the environment which leads us to the maximum usage of the possessed natural resources, in order to maintain balance. Above all, we rationally manage our wood supply.

The results of our search are available in „Products” bookmark, which is constantly updated.

Pictures taken by customers who bought the WOOBIA lamp, in her new home

Brownwood Texas USA

Warsaw Poland